vertical sand(150PSL)

Date: 17 Jul 2009
Overview: 150PSL-vertical sand is a suction-side single-stage vertical centrifugal pump. The pump can be installed at the top, pump tank shell immersed in liquid form will not be contaminated. The use of double letters, vice impeller fuel in the form of sealed, sealed reliable, long service life, the product is a better use of the mine pumps.
Uses: The product is mainly used in
transportation mud, mortar, as well as the pulp with a similar liquid particles suspended solids. Such as oil drilling mud purification systems, transport concentrator fine pulp, tailings, coal and so on.
Installation, use, maintenance, maintenance:
1, the installation of the product will be tight solid base, mounted on tank top (tank top) position level, the lower part of inhaled from the tube-side at the end of the distance can be greater than 500mm; exhaust pipe valve should be installed in order to regulate the flow head. Pipeline installation should be no U-turn, after the installation of the pipeline should not be under extra pressure.
2, the pump should be tested before the start with the motor to turn the pump, pump should start to close discharge pipe valve, the pump started, slowly adjusting valve so that the flow or pressure adjustment to the requirements of the condition.
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