Offshore Oil & Gas Process Equipment and Engineering

Date: 23 Mar 2009

Since the offshore oil and natural gas development in early 1980, Lanzhou Petroleum Machinery Research Institute (LPMRI) has been engaged in R &D of offshore oil equipment. Based on import and digest of foreign technology, LPMRI is with his own priority in oil/gas/water separation and developed electrical desalting, oil/gas/water separation and natural gas processing technology have been in use in offshore and on land. The first offshore oil/gas/water unit was supplied for offshore platform by LPMRI.


As one of the first enterprise participating in early development of offshore oil and natural gas in China, LPMRI can offer the services for oil exploration and production projects both onshore and offshore, specialized in offshore platform topside engineering, including: drilling & work over rig, oil/gas and water production package, oily water treatment system, water injection system etc, several hundreds of equipment and topside equipment have been completed for about hundreds offshore projects that were contracted by LPMRI. Newly developed oily water treatment technique has been widely used in offshore platforms & FPSO (Floating Production Storage Offloading). The first oil/gas/water separator has been supplied to the first domestic platform. We have contracted and completes the most offshore projects, such as: BZ28-1,BZ34-2/4, BZ25-1, BZ26-2, SZ36-1, BX, JZ9-3, QHD32-6, PL19-3, QK17-1&2, ZHD, BN, CFD11-1/2, LD, NP35-2 on Bohai Oilfield; PH, CHX on East China Sea; HZ32, JX24-3, LH11-1, WCH, PY, HZ21-1B on East oilfield of South China Sea; WZ10-3, WZ12-1N, WZ1-4,WXN, Y13-1,DF1-1 on West Oilfield of South China Sea. We have won the great honor.




Main products used on the offshore platforms & FPSO are listed as follows:


Test separator/Production separator/PEX & PCI separator/


Filtration separator/Surge tank/Knock-out drum/Heater Slug catcher/Steam generator/Test manifold/Pig launcher /


Production manifold/Injection manifold/Pig receiver/Open drain tank/Closed drain tank/Heat water pressure tank/Gas scrubber/Fuel gas scrubber/Flare knock-out drum/Heat exchanger/Treater/Gas floating unit/Diesel storage tank/


Fresh water tank/Elec.Heat trace design/Piping design/Instrument air receiver/Utility air receiver/Starting air receiver /


Hot-water expansion tank / Potable-water expansion tank /Lubrication oil tank/Air compressor skid/Pump skid/ Filter skid

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